Friday, June 18, 2010

What Defines You??

I was watching a movie last night called "Batman Begins" and something that was said struck me in a surprising way..I am not the type that watches movies and can recall famous lines from them that are constantly repeated in fact I forget most of what is said..however as I was watching this movie, I felt the Spirit say to me "remember these words, write them down"..and so I did..I grabbed a notebook and jotted down the words and as the film progressed, I found myself elaborating on those words..So what were they?

Rachel was speaking with Bruce Wayne and she tells him " it is not what is deep inside you..IT IS WHAT YOU DO THAT DEFINES YOU!"

Think about that for a second..It is what you do that defines you..!!!

In our Christian life, could this not be said of us as well. Just saying we are a Christian or that we love or serve Jesus Christ does not make that so..However what we do in our lives speaks volumes to what we "really" believe.

Evidence of what we believe is manifested in our actions and daily living..SO I ask this question..If some random stranger was to watch you for say a week or two..and be able to have private access to you and all aspects of your life...Could they determine who you are? Would they say you are a sold out and surrendered soul for Christ or would they have a very difficult time trying to differentiate you from anyone else..comparing you with other non believers..Can your daily life, or what you do, define you..

People often say that if they had access to our checkbook, they can tell a lot about us, who we serve and where our priorities are..I 100% believe that.. I believe the same can be said about what we do!! Take a 24 hr day and look at it with authenticity..What evidence would there be that you are a Christian..Would it be that you spend say 30 minutes or even an hour in the morning reading your bible and then say 20 minutes at night with your kids having a little devotional and maybe praying over all your meals.. and the other 22 hours doing what? Sleeping, carrying out your day living in the world with no other evidence of your Faith on display..This is my life..This is me..I am being convicted by the Holy Spirit to really analyze my priorities and my life as a whole.. I can not honestly say that I am living my life to the fullest for God..I am breaking off a portion for Him but is that what He asks of us? I don't think so..Last time I checked He asked for ALL of US..not part of us, not a portion, not leftovers..He has asked for the First Fruits, to Lay down our Life and Take up the Cross..DAILY..

I am sure this movie was no accident..We normally do not watch "boy" movies like Batman in a house with all girlie girls..but for some reason, we came across this movie and for some reason this line stood out to me and for some reason I sit here in this moment, in this point in my life writing about it.. I am not at all joyful about what I see in myself.. I want to be defined by the world that I live for Christ..I want to be defined by anyone who comes in contact with me that the most important thing in my existence is to bring honor and glory to the Risen King..and that is weighing on me this morning very it should..I am grateful that God in His mysterious ways, leads me to crossroads like this..that He can use movies, circumstances or whatever He wishes to help move us toward Christlikeness..I am grateful that I did not miss this moment and let it blow right past me without ever giving it a second thought..that I was able, thru the Holy Spirit to, stop and realize how the course of my life is transpiring..and how ever so slightly we get off course and how destructive that can be. There is a great song that comes to my mind as I type this and it is called "Slow Fade".. That is exactly what happens..It is not some pivotal moment that redirects our focus or is the ever so slight of the world pressing down on us crowding out the life we are called to slowly that we never even notice..We are being deceived and have no idea it is happening..I guess that is why they call it deceived..

As I reflect on my life and how I got here...I am constantly reminded that when I leave things to myself, I totally mess them up and it is very easy for me to squeeze God from the picture of my life to where eventually there will be nothing left of Him in my life..So, it is what you do that defines you....and today I choose to stand on firm ground, in my Redeemer's hands and cry out to the world...and to myself.. LET GO OF THIS WORLD AND LIVE FOR GOD..MAKE NO PROVISION FOR YOURSELF BUT LET GOD SUSTAIN YOU!! HE IS FAITHFUL AND Revelations 19:11 says " Now I saw heaven opened and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness, He judges"

Oh Lord, Thank you for being a God who is beyond my ability to fully understand..Thank you for fitfulness you are, that we as your children can rest on that faithfulness that you will do all that you said you would, that your are sufficient. Thank you for loving us with a love not understood by a carnal finite mind..Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart and humbling me so that I can see and feel the "slow fade" of my life.. I pray in Christ's name.. Amen
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