Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Levi !!

It is the day before Nicki is to be induced into Labor, so the day of our baby boy "Levi" is less than 24 hours away..I wanted to take this minute to capture some of the thoughts and emotions running thru my mind as well as to record this for the day when he can read this very blog..

As you all know this is not our first rodeo and while we are old hats at having children, I am still very anxious for his arrival.. I would not classify my feelings as nervous (although some would argue) and neither would I say I am at ease..because I am not.. My uneasiness is in the scope of my role as a father to a young baby boy who will some day turn out to be a man..and that responsibility is looming ever so closely.. I have been feeling these emotions with my daughters for quite some time now and they really have never subsided..but the very idea that this young boy will be responsible for leading his home spiritually and being accountable for that is a daunting task but one I am very eager to get started on..

There is a song out called " I want to be just like you" and the words are so perfect for Father Son..but there is one line that rips me to shreds and it goes like this " Help me be a Living Bible Lord, that my little Boy can read, I want to be just like you cause he wants to be like me"..Gosh that tears me up just thinking about..My actions, my life will be an example for him and that motivates me to lead by example and not so much by words..The Bible is very clear on the Father's role in the home with respect to many issues, including raising our offspring..but in less than 24 hours there will be another precious addition to this family, a true gift from El Shaddai, an eternal soul with paths yet unknown nor carved out..but with a lamp upon his feet to guide his way.. The lamp will be the light of our Lord Jesus Christ and with His help and encouragement, Grace and Mercy..I am confident He will be there for me and for our family to train young Levi up in the admonition of the Lord..

So as the specific hour looms and the anticipation grows..I am encouraged by the Holy Spirit and feel as ready as I will ever humanly be..In my weakness the Lord Jesus Christ is elevated..His surpassing power made real thru this clay pot..

Levi..You are a gift from my Lord and I am grateful to have the opportunity to raise you and love you..I pray that you will see in me what I see in my God...A love that is unconditional, sacrificing and eternal..You have always been in the back of mind but now you are about to be a reality..I cant wait to play ball, coach your teams, bandage your wounds, hug your neck and pat your back..You are my boy and I will be your DAD..I love you already and I cant barely contain the excitement..Have a safe travel down the birth canal and I will be waiting for you..

Your Dad..

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  1. nicki and eddie and girls that is wonderful. THIS MADE ME CRY, AND CONGRADULATION TO ALL OF YOU GUYS CAN'T
    WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Love Buckie and boys and Cassie

  2. You are and will be an amazing Father just as Nicki is an amazing Mother. Little Levi your Aunt Erika already loves you as well and can't wait to meet you. I look forward to spending time with you and watching your father n you grow together as father and son! WE love you guys............