Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hellooooooooo everyone! Welcome to our family's blog! I wanted to create a way for us to stay in touch with our friends and family...and also chronicle the blessings and tests that we encounter as we live each day doing everything we can to glorify God. These little girls, 3 of our many blessings, are growing up so fast and have the sweetest hearts for Jesus and I can't wait to share their journeys coming to know Jesus as their savior, and our journey of walking with the Lord and learning to love Him more deeply and to know His will for our lives.
The mommy in me also wants to share all of the things CJ, Jaydin, and Lilygrace teach me as they grow to know their Savior. Sometimes they are just HILARIOUS! Other times they are SO sweet! And other times (like right now) they are evidence of the fall of human kind! WHEW!! That flesh!
As i write this Lilygrace has bitten Jaydin because Jaydin will not share with her. Now that's an excellent way to get what you want from someone, don't you think?
In case you need a little background on us...I'm Nicki...Nick, Mommy, Momma, and sometimes Kirsten(usually that's if somebody wants something from me!) This blog is probably more for me than anyone else...i have so much in my heart and so much to share about my precious family! I'm married to Eddie...Daddy...the most excellent head of our home! He and I are not perfect and that means we don't have a perfect marriage...but with Eddie's leadership of our home and the mercy of God its easy to be married to him!! We have been married for 11 years (almost!) and met when I was 17 and he was 18. Now we are 35 and 36...that's history, huh?! We have weathered storms and climbed mountains and descended into the valley...and now we just enjoy each day as it comes and learning what God is teaching us thru His Word and thru these precious little girls He's entrusted to us.
CJ is our oldest...Carolyn Jewel in case you were wondering what the C and the J stood for. She's named after her mom is Jewel, and Eddie's mom was Carolyn. My biggest girl is 7...going on 40. She is such a responsible a little mommy. Takes care of her little sisters and is the perfectionist that i couldn't be when i was little!
Jaydin, the middle girl...she has all sorts of names...the 3 most common are Boogy (where's Boogy?), Little Bear (c'mon Little Bear!) , and my favorite...Boogity...Boogity bear, Boogity bug...i can't ever call her by her name!! She's a perfect middle child, living up to every middle child example you've ever heard. She does everything with all her heart and strength...even if its jumping rope!
Lilygrace. Oh!! My teeny girl! Widdy...Munchkin...Lidygace...Widdygwace...and my favorite...Tink. I'm sure that I'll share more about the miracles of these little girls' existence...and Lilygrace's story is an answered prayer of God to show me HIM! More on that later! Anyhoo...My baby is the energy of our house. She thinks it revolves around her...and if for one moment she loses that feeling...she will surely let us know! She adores her big sisters and wants to do everything they do...(and when they don't let her...she bites them!) and that child LOVES her bed, the 2 middle fingers on her right hand, and Sponge Bob Square Pants. (I KNOW, I know...i caved and let her watch the girly yellow sponge. But, Y'ALL!! It IS SOOOO FUNNY!)
Well, mommy-hood calls...Have a WONDERFUL Lord's day tomorrow...and come back and see us!!
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