Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sleep like its the 7th day...

on the 7th day we rest....

every Sunday afternoon we come home from church, usually after having lunch at O'Charley's (the kids' meals include a drink!), and i am ready for a nap! I'll change my clothes, and then i'll go to Lilygrace's room and TRY to get her to lay down and take a nap...with me! Moms, don't we always sleep a little better when our youngest is asleep? i don't mean that they have to sleep WITH us...but just knowing that Lilygrace Bailey is asleep helps me to sleep better! Only one problem...she has WAYYYYYYYY more staying power than me. Now, Eddie will tell you that as soon as my head hits the pillow, i'm out. I like to think that its not quite that fast...but...he would know better than me...since i'm the one that's asleep! now, under any other circumstances i couldn't sleep in a room that has as much clutter in it as Lilygrace's. But for whatever reason, i don't mind all of the baby dolls, the books, the kitchen, and all that is pink and "princessy". When i go in there and i'll say..."c'mon tink, lay down with mommy". and usually...that's all it takes. We turn on channel 47, noggin, and she lays down in the bed she LOVES so much with her 'yellow blanket' (a velveteen blanket, that is REALLY mine..but i share with her) and her purple sheets ('t-shirt sheets LOVE THEM!) and she puts her 2 middle fingers of her left hand in her mouth backwards and she rubs the edge of her mattress with her right hand (not sure of the sensation she gets from that...its soft, but its the seam of the mattress so its firm, too.) and her eyes will close halfway...then i'm off to dream land. probably one show of Dora the Explorer, or Blues Clues will go by and then i'll start to hear her singing along with the songs and then she'll start to get a little louder...then...she starts to crawl on me and stand on me...and pretty much use me as a bean bag or something that you can stand up and fall on and try to keep your balance on (that would be my knees). So...i'll try at least 3 times to get her to lay back down and cover up again with the yellow blanet (always works for me!) and over and over...its me that falls back to sleep! So i get up and fold clothes or eat something or sit with Eddie to watch what ever game is in season...and then i'll notice about 15 minutes have gone by that i haven't heard from Lilygrace. And of course...she is sound a very inconvenient time i might add...4:00, fingers in mouth, and Back Yardigans singing in the back ground. and i look at her....all of that sleepy hair and those long eyelashes...and i just wonder why God chose me to be her mommy. I wonder why i can't get her to go to sleep...but the Back Yardigans can. I wonder how she can look just like an angel...but 30 minutes ago she was jumping up and down on me. I wonder if I mean this much to my heavenly Father. I know that God gave me the greatest gifts of all, our 3 blondies, to show me and illustrate to me just how much love He has for me (and to teach me a thing or two!)...and for all of His children. I may not always do things the way He would prefer...but He loves me infinitely...and His love for me does not change with more people becoming His children...just as i love all of my girls and not one more or less than the others. I look at Lilygrace and I see a work of perfection....all of my girls just leave me awe struck, not because of their beauty, but because God made them....and He's trusted me with them. I could not love my girls more...and there's nothing they will ever do to make me love them more....or make me love them less...and i have the peace and joy of knowing my heavenly Father loves me infinitely...and there's nothing i can do to make Him love me more...or less... Now that, my friends, is some good sleep!
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