Thursday, January 22, 2009

Watch your toes!!

OK...the really GREAT thing about this blog is that it's mine (ours)! i can say exactly what i want and not have to make sure its not going to offend or hurt some one's feelings. you're probably wondering what i'm going to say now, aren't ya?! well...i have some...we'll call it 'righteous' anger. In john 2:15 and 16 Jesus is furious because the temple has been turned into a house of he drove out all the vendors and turned over their tables. HA!! I take that as stepping on toes and being politically incorrect isn't sinning!! My savior never sinned...but he was angry about what was going on in his Father's house!

my aggravation isn't because of my church...its because of my country. it is because of the cardboard christians, or those that may call them selves a christian that are christian in name only. their hearts are NOT that of a Christian, they have very self centered hearts and ideals. here it comes...back your toes up! during this presidential election....there was a group (democrats love to 'group' us, don't they?) called the multi issue voter...the christian that didn't only vote on the "social issues" but cared about the economy and health care just as much as those issues that have long been the deal makers and the deal breakers for our evangelical votes. Well...i have been force fed Barak Obama for the last 2 months...and i want to could anyone call themselves a Christian and cast a vote for Barak Obama? when did the state of wall street, health care, or global warming (vomit.) become more important than the lives of defenseless pre-born babies? When did the unemployment rate and a good speech become more important than protecting marriage, and empowering our men to become the leaders GOD MADE THEM TO BE? there is NOTHING more important than God's Will!! we don't have to wonder what God's vote would be on ending abortion and marriage for same sex couples!! So...if you were having a hard time deciding who to vote for...if you filtered both candidates through the Bible just based on their voting history...the decision was EASY!!! so why did so many Christians cast their vote for a candidate who is a gay rights and abortion activist? WHY???

Jesus said he came not to make peace (HELLO! Israel open your borders! there's a new sheriff in the white house) but he came to SEPARATE!! we are set apart...not of this world...little Christs...salt and light...we are NOT of this world...we don't cave because the American public, or who i like to call sheep, pressures us and stays in our face about the doom and gloom of the economy and gas prices! WHO IS THE ONE IN CHARGE OF OUR ECONOMY?? let me break it to those who cast their vote for "change"...IT AIN'T BARAK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!! God is who decides who has a job and who doesn't...when you get a paycheck...100% of it belongs to God. and He either chose to allow you money...or maybe he chose not to this week...regardless, it's ALL his. please don't comment to me that i don't have a heart...that all people deserve health care and the homeless should be rescued and even children that are illegally living here deserve health care...i agree with you. I do!! really!! but...the ends don't justify the means people! IT HAS NEVER BEEN THE GOVERNMENT'S JOB TO RESCUE THE ECONOMICALLY DEPRIVED!! it is the responsibility of the church!! WE as the BODY OF CHRIST are supposed to be helping in our communities and ministering to those in need. Why would we let a government that is in charge of our DMVs, the IRS, and our property tax offices be in charge of what doctors we see or what tests my child can have or tell me when and where i can pray? GIVE ME A BREAK!! i say all of this so that i can spell out to you just how futile it is to think that the change we think we need is in the man that was elected our president! our hope is in Jesus Christ...period. this country didn't need 1 more pro abortion, pro same sex union person in office. Y'ALL!! God has turned us over to our sin. it is time to cry out to him!! it is time to get your priorities straight!! your health insurance and your 401K is NOT more important than the millions of innocent lives snuffed out by abortion! Global warming is NOT more important than preserving our families!! We sold out!! the "christian" community sold OUT! we placed more importance on the things of this world than on the things of God. the color of his skin was more important than strong families with a mom AND a dad! Life is a gift from God. Marriage is a gift from God. (YES!! that's what i said....God gave us marriage between a man and a women...and no mere mortal can redefine it!!) God's will is priority OVER yours! yes...his ways are higher than ours!

i don't need to know why God is the way He is...or why He does what he does...all i know is that He LOVES me beyond measure....he would NEVER do anything or have any law or make any decision that would harm me! He wouldn't do it!! my issues or concerns are what His are...its not my (His) money, or my need for change at whatever cost...its what His concerns are...what His will is!! don't you see how we are being deceived?! please stop buying what you are sold by the nightly news or the new york times!!! We are such sheep!! we aren't smart enough to see when we are being deceived! we aren't smart enough to stop eating the garbage we are fed by actors and actresses that make a living pretending to be someone else!! OUT OF CONTROL! We cheer on the likes of Bruce Springsteen and the Dixie Chicks! WHY?? because we are SHEEP! we could not take a breath without the grace and mercy of God! We have just put a man into power that does not have God's will on his agenda. Barak Obama sold his soul to planned parenthood and gay activists. they funded his brilliant campaign...and that was not free. homosexuals, pro abortion, and atheist activists are salivating at the thought of Barak Obama's signature! and unfortunately...he is going to deliver.

OK!! WHEW!! that was a rant, wasn't it?! now that i have all of my complaining out of the way...what now? President Obama is now in office. We have LOTS to do...and the most important thing is to PRAY for our new president. Pray for his wisdom...pray for every decision he makes...every veto...every bill...every person he appoints to his administration. the next thing Christians must do....God gives us the next step in 2 Chronicles.

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

our country is sick. but if we will humble ourselves and repent...He will heal it. we have a lot to do...but we have 4 years to do it. God ordained president Obama. He is in office to be used for God's purposes...ultimately God will have the last say in the blessed nation. that is what encourages me and what i hang my hat on. but, that doesn't mean that i won't fight for his purposes...i want to be used anyway i can so that my Lord and precious Savior is glorified. i want to be a part of His will for our country. Let's get our priorities straight...His will not ours. Let's repent for putting our selfishness before His gifts of life and marriage. and lets PRAY!!

I honestly don't mean to hurt any one's feelings. I mean to honor the feelings of priority is Him...first. thanks for reading!!

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