Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Faith of a Child

You know..I am absolutely certain that our kids are used by God to help communicate to us some of the concepts He wants us to understand..There have been many occasions where my kids have taught me a lesson that God was trying to get across to me and by using my kids and the relationship I have with them has been a wonderful example for me to look to in the most unexpected times...I have wrote about some others in this blog and felt compelled again to address a particular example that was shown to me by God thru my children..Paul writes to Timothy in his first letter to him in chapter 1 verse 2.."To Timothy, my true child in the Faith"..Paul was saying here that Timothy has Faith like a child..meaning he trusts the Lord and doesn't question what circumstances he finds himself in..much like a child trust what they are told...(until they get to adolescence, so I am told)..Well I have an example of this very scenario that played out in my life over the snow holiday we just experienced... It was Sunday night and snowing outside, rather hard and my girls were just all excited..They often say that it never snows around here and they are quite right but this snow would be different..As the night was winding to a close, we happened to be watching a movie that had some rather scary parts through out it...I will keep the movie name to myself to minimize the distraction to the point I desire to make..Let me give you a mental picture here..I was laying on the couch just relaxing...I was laying on my left side facing the TV with my legs bent about halfway to where it creates this little area behind the bend of my knees that Jaydin calls her favorite place to sit..So as the scary parts come and go, Jaydin jumps behind my legs and takes refuge behind my well as CJ, but she was forced to the middle, but still very close to me..As I sat there and watched them cover their eyes and make little noises as if they were truly scared...I noticed that they found great protection in me..They found SECURITY being very close to me, which enabled them to endure the scary parts without having to run to a different room..Then it hit me..out of the blue..I am their Dad and Dads are protectors and provide an overarching sense of security in the home.. I asked Jaydin..." Honey, why do you feel like you need to be in your favorite spot during those scary parts?"...and she responds " Because I am scared" I followed that with " can you explain why there?" and she says " because I am safe there"..I giggled but inside I was glowing with pride as I saw my child take refuge in me, because that is what made her feel safe and protected..That is How God feels when we take refuge in Him and allow Him to carry us thru..(This reminds me of a song I love called "He Will Carry Me" by Mark Schultz which is on my playlist at the bottom of this blog)Now we have never practiced being scared and what they should do when scared..It was just instinct for her to gravitate toward me...during those times where she felt vulnerable..

I asked myself..." I wonder what it is about me that she finds safe...I have never really had to protect her form anything consequential where she would learn I would protect her.."...but something inside her told her that Dad (Father) would protect her in case of harm or fear..This translated over to my relationship with my Heavenly Father...See Jaydin put all her Faith in me to protect her without question..She never once doubted that I was where she wanted to go when she faced a difficult situation.. and once she got into her position(behind my legs), she found the courage to face her fears of what she was seeing on TV.. God was saying to me LOUD and CLEAR.. Eddie, you need to place your Faith in me just like your daughter Jaydin in doing with you.. I will protect you..I will calm your fears..I will provide you a refuge..Do not doubt my desire and ability to do these things for you, just as your small child has no doubt that you will provide those for her.. I GOT IT..I could see God working in my life in those moments and just to further expound on God's glory and infinite knowledge..I have been experiencing some fear and anxiety over some issues in my life and have not placed a child like Faith in my Father..My Lord who has promised me that He would never leave me nor forsake me...and no amount of my bible study and quiet time was impacting me the way this real life example thru my own child was..It was a clear to me as a bright sunny day..I literally could feel the teaching going on and the Spirit moving in my heart.. The more I have thought about that moment, the deeper and heavier this has weighed on me..Do you ever find certain enlightenment moments will weigh on you heavier than others..? I mean there will be times when I read God's word and that study will cause a distinct change in my mood thru out the day..Sometimes Somber, sometimes joy and other times curiosity to know more..all of which, though, sit on me all day like a weight forcing me to deal with it until I gain what God has desired for me to learn..This was certainly one of those moments..God has been pressing on me with tremendous voracity to grab hold of this teaching moment and apply it to my life..Not just intellectually understand it..but apply it..Use it to grow spiritually with.. He does not want this lesson to pass me by as just another light bulb moment..He needs me to internalize it and sear it to my heart..and He means for it to have a lasting enduring impact on me...

To Trust and rely on my Lord and Savior..To take refuge in Him thru difficult and challenging gain strength in Him when faced with insurmountable call on His power when being sifted by Satan and his wiles..I can't do it on my own and I need to rely on God, the sustainer, to assist me and guide me in all situations, decisions, and battles..I am grateful beyond words of His infinite wisdom and knowing exactly how to deal with me..For those who say our God is not a personal God..I say Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart

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