Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parkwood "Ace of Cakes" Decorating Contest

We had a fabulous time in our first ever attempt to decorate a cake in a contest..Our Church sponsored by the Children's Ministry held our first annual "Ace of Cakes" decorating contest last night and we entered, begrudgenly by me, but enthusisatically by Nicki...I must say that Nicki deserves all the credit for the outcome..It was her brain child, her hardwork and her use of "fondit" that helped us secure a position in the top 8..We actually finsihed 7th out of roughly 50 participants...and honestly had no expectations as to even if we could decorate a cake like this..But when it was all said and done, We pulled together a decent rendition of what She (Nicki) had in her mind..Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed..Each monkey represented one of our girls..We were judged on creativity, teamwork, presentation and design..So we had all three of our girls help and I must say..this was a blast..We had such a fun time doing this and also got to see some very interesting cakes in the end.. My hat is off to my wife for taking the initiative to sign us up, think of an idea and then place things in motion to pull this off.. I am very proud of her and just maybe, after some practice, might have a cake decorator on our hands. Below are some of the pictures...

NOTE: You can double click the photos to see an enlarged image..Please see the Grand Prize Winner in the enlarged image..You will be amazed at the detail..

Here we had to move our cake to the Top 8 Table for final judging!

8th Place (above)

6th Place

5th Place

4th Place

3rd Place

2nd Place

1st Place and Grand Prize Winner (amazing detail)

Random notables that we felt deserved some recognition

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