Monday, February 9, 2009

Thought of the Day

I wanted to share a thought that entered my mind today as I was in the shower..Mini Sidebar..Has anyone ever thought of the shower as a place of inspiration..?For me, many of my deeper ideas and theological pontifications are birthed in the very stall of my shower..Ever wonder why the shower can illuminate your thinking? I have a theory on this and it is as follows..The shower happens to be one of the few places in our world where we are allowed to think without distractions of TV, computers, cell phones, other people, food, etc..You have only one purpose in the shower and that it is "to wash" (hopefully)..So without your mind being stimulated by other distractions and washing is an automatic response (involuntary almost) our minds are allowed to explore and focus in on deeper more substantive thoughts, rather that superficial murmurings like what to wear, eat, checking email, text, whats on TV..The shower is one of the few places we have time alone to truly ponder life, purpose, least for me, this is the case..Once I step outside of the shower, my thoughts begin to hurl into the my mind races to attack my To do for that brief 10-20 minutes, you are allowed deep, intimate time to "think"...

That leads to my thought of the day..As I entered my daily "think tank" is what entered my mind.. I was watching a TV show called Kirk Cameron on Trinity network and in this 30 minute show, they teach how to share the gospel with others and they actually go into the real world and begin to ask random strangers about God, Jesus, Salvation, etc..They asked this one guy who had become very belligerent about whether or not he believed the Bible..He responded " The bible was written by man..why should I believe that"..That very sentence is where my mind went this morning.. The bible was written by man.. So what do you believe..? If you believe in evolution, and place your faith in that, it also was written by man..What makes it any more powerful over your thoughts that any other..Here is what it boils down to..All theories, beliefs, etc originate from somewhere and all have been written by man, some as a vehicle to get their ideas down..The bible was written by man, however inspired by the Lord God, who used man as a means to give us a Guide to know who He is..I believe that the reason this man rejected the Bible is simple..The bible and its contents directly confronts the way a person lives and conducts themselves.. The bible, if followed, requires a person to change the way they live..meaning they can no longer indulge themselves with a sinful life: things that are wrong..Adultery, fornication, stealing, lusting, gossiping, etc..(not an exhaustive list to be sure)..Now contrast that with evolution for example..It requires no change in your life..No change in your daily routines, no change in your attitude..It does not confront the moral fiber of one's self..therefore easy to believe and a whole less trouble..It just is and life as you know it can continue on its destructive path, without having any impact on you or your attitude..The bible is like an "intervention" in that it confronts the sin in our life and either we choose to live with that sin, or we take on the task of accepting Jesus and removing that sin, repenting from it and turning towards the true healer of life..Jesus Christ..You can either accept the help being offered by Jesus Christ or you can reject it, which is like a drug addict who rejects will eventually lead to death..

Is your life so precious and perfect the way it is that you are willing to reject the call of Christ on your life?..Are your bad habits so fulfilling that you cant give them up?.. Has sin entangled you so that you believe that life would be a dull unfulfilled life if you followed Christ?..that you would no longer be able to have any fun and the very idea of being submissive to someone and giving up "my rights" is downright ridiculous.. This is all a lie if you believe this and Satan has you in his grasp, a stronghold on your thinking person..Christ did not come to condemn, but He came to Save.. He came to give you life (eternal life) and to give you life here on earth more abundantly...

My mom gave me some very wise advice years ago before she passed away...She said "Son you will never know until you try it"..Now she was not talking about Jesus but rather a butter sandwich she prepared for me..but the concept is applicable here..You will never know and fully understand the life Jesus Christ offers you until you try Him..Live for Him...Trust in Him..and the Peace and Joy, Love and Hope that will follow will absolutely dwarf the fun and happiness you think you have by living the life You want to allowing the world and all that is contains to provide you happiness and fulfillment..The gap between the two is so vast and so different that mere words can not begin to contrast the two..Either Christ or the world( satan)..Which one do you believe truly in your heart of hearts brings True Joy in Life..I bet I can answer that one..!!

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