Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Abba Father ........

Lord..Dear God..Please cover me with your Abiding Love and allow me to feel your presence in my day today.. I am in awe of your infinite wisdom and desire to be inside your will for me. I trust that you know best for me and that everything that happens to me, good and bad, is all because You have willed it so.. Allow my faith to overcome any doubt that lingers in my mind about whether or not you truly care about my everyday problems and concerns..Fill me with your Holiness, Complete me with Your Grace...Strengthen my understanding and belief.. Shine your glorious light on all my darkness..Expose my wickedness for me to see so that I may be washed by the blood of Your Precious Son, Jesus Christ.. Embolden my desire to follow you, trust you and depend on you..Your Grace in Enough..Let that weigh on me today oh Glorious Father, Wonderful Counselor, Redeemer, Creator, Lord of Hosts, King of Kings, Ever lasting Father..The one who saved me from myself..


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